• 900m3/h water injection suction dreger Factory
  • 900m3/h water injection suction dreger Factory
900m3/h water injection suction dreger
  • HID
  • China
  • 2020
  • 200 sets

1. simple constructure
2. low cost
3. easy maintanence

About HID Dredging Machine/Cutter Type Dredging Equipment: 

We design and manufacture various of dredger models:
→ Dredging depth: 1.0m - 30.0m (underwater) → Output: 500 m3/h - 8000m3/h
→ Discharge Distance: 100m-4000m

Optional Device:           1) Booster Pump Station;
                                       2) Spud Carriage;
                                       3) Submersible Pump;
                                       4) Bucket Wheel Cutter;
                                       5) Anchor Boom and Anchor Winch;
                                       6) Workboat/Tug Boat;
                                       7) Discharge Pipeline-HDPE Pipe, Rubber Hose, Floaters, Steel Pipe
                                       8) others based on buyer's need

water injection dredger

Why Choose HID Cutter Suction Dredger for River Sand/Mud Mining and River Broadening/Reclamation works? 

1. Engine choice from Weichai, Cummins, Caterpillar and more.

2. The modular design enables fast assembly with HID seniors engineers 

3. Dredger components available in factories to allow short delivery times 

4. Control the working process of dredging and pumping, delivering dredged materials. lower cost;

5. Follow manufacture guideline: CCS-ZC standard 

6. CE certificates acquired to prove high quality 

7. Western Dredge brand parts, easy to find globally 

8. Can choose reliable Chinese brand parts to lower costs 

9. Gain access to our sales team, design team, manufacture team 24/7

10. Lifetime Technical Assistance 

In March, 2020, the 900cbm/h water in jection dredger built for Chinese customers are manufactured in HID dredger company workshop.

water spray dredger

sand dredger

Main parameters of the water injection suction dredger:

water flow capacity: 900m3/h

discharge distance:  1000m

suction pipe dia.   :  300mm

discharge pipe dia.: 250mm

Delivery of the jet suction dredger

water injection dredgerwater spray dredger

HID factory show

sand dredger

Reliability of the Dredger Hydraulic System
1. HID dredger company uses world-class brands including Germany Rexroth hydraulic system, U.S Vickers hydraulic system, Denison hydraulic system to ensure the reliability of dredger hydraulic system. 2. HID dredger company owns the most matured hydraulic installation and commissioning techniques in this industry. 3. We test all the hydraulic system before delivery to ensure no defects. 4. On-s...more
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