• Excavator Barge for Excavator dredging project in water Factory
  • Excavator Barge for Excavator dredging project in water Factory
  • Excavator Barge for Excavator dredging project in water Factory
Excavator Barge for Excavator dredging project in water
  • HID
  • China
  • 2020
  • 100 sets

We design and manufacture various of dredger models:
→ Dredging depth: 1.0m - 30.0m (underwater) → Output: 500 m3/h - 8000m3/h
→ Discharge Distance: 100m-4000m

HID dredgers designed and manufactured for 30 years and have been exported to more than 37 countries. We are Fortune 500 companies chosen manufacturer with 30 years' dredge workmanship. 

Working area: River, Coastal, Reservoir, and Lake Function and use: Desilting, Broaden river for ship navigation, land reclamation, scours, blows fill project. Suitable for dredging river clay, mud, and coastal deposits.

Excavator barge

The excavator barge is designed for dredging work with excavator in water. 3 spuds are equiped with the pontoon to support the excavator. Usually, 20ton or 30 ton excavator are used to do this kind of work.

excavator pontoon

The excavator dredger are usually used to dredge hard layer with stones. Transportation barge are attached to it to transport the mud and stone to land for further dispose.

excavator platform

Why Choose HID Cutter Suction Dredger for River Sand/Mud Mining and River Broadening/Reclamation works? 

1. wide range of use applications

2. High efficiency, large output, far pump distance, low fuel consumption

3. Full hydraulic control with Rexroth, Vickers 

4. Siemens PLC operation with the operation convenience

5. Engine choice from Weichai, Cummins, Caterpillar and more.

6. The modular design enables fast assembly with HID seniors engineers 

7. Dredger components available in factories to allow short delivery times 

8. Control the working process of dredging and pumping, delivering dredged materials. lower cost;

9. Follow manufacture guideline: CCS-ZC standard 

10. CE certificates acquired to prove high quality 

11. Western Dredge brand parts, easy to find globally 

12. Can choose reliable Chinese brand parts to lower costs 

13. Gain access to our sales team, design team, manufacture team 24/7

14. Lifetime Technical Assistance 

Factory show

Excavator barge

excavator pontoon

Delivery of the product

excavator platform

Reliability of the Dredger Hydraulic System
1. HID dredger company uses some world-class brands including Germany Rexroth hydraulic pump, U.S Vickers hydraulic pump, Denison hydraulic pump to ensure the reliability of dredger hydraulic system. 2. HID dredger company owns the most matured hydraulic installation and commissioning technique in this industry. 3. We test all the hydraulic system before delivery to ensure 0 defects....more
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