Factory Testing Ground & Pool


To ensure our dredging equipment's quality and save time for the succession of assembling and operating when our dredging equipment arrive in our customers working site. HID have build its own testing pool and ground, the primary purpose is to evaluate dredger's performance before delivery, the secondary purpose is to support the development of new products. 

Numerous customers have visited HID and witnessed how our dredging equipment perform, we have a team of 10 experienced engineers and workers - maintaining the testing pool & ground and lead equipment testing. We want to provide greater product quality, to save time, energy, and cost of our valuable customers. 

Amphibious Multipurpose Dredger being tested in the Factory Testing Ground.

Clay Emperor testing .jpg

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Environmental Multipurpose Dredger being tested in the Factory Testing Pool 

HID company Testing Pool.jpg

Testing Pool.jpg