Dredger Installation & Training

Free Assembling and Training Service:

Successful installment of the dredger is essential to ensure dredge performance and operations. We are able to provide you assembly of your dredger as well as free training to your operators through our experienced dredge builders and trainers. 


  • Unload product parts from the transportation 

  • Assemble pontoons 

  • Install cabins, chairs, operation board, detective devices, air-conditioner. 

  • Install engines, generators, pump, gearbox, noise-mute system, hydraulic system, electric system inside the dredge center pontoon. 

  • Arrange dredge deck including install winches, wires, safety barriers.



  • Ship's performance test 1: River Trials

    • The river trails will be conducted by HID Dredging Company to demonstrate the dredge machinery and its equipment flexibility

  • Ship's performance test 2: Speed Trails

    • The speed trails will be down over a course at least one nautical mile in length. Two runs must be made over the course, one in each direction with the speeds for the two runs averaged. 

  • Ship's performance test 3: Endurance Trail

    • The dredge will be operated at maximum speed for a minimum of ten minute intervals in the fully loaded condition over one hour period considering the break in procedures of the dredging equipment. During the endurance trails, it will demonstrate that all parts of the systems are in full operation. All systems will be operated to check for proper lubrication, control and alignment. Fuel consumption also will be recorded for the one hour trail. 

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  • The design features of HID equipment

  • Dredge maintenance 

  • Hydraulic systems

  • Mechanical systems and components 

  • Electrical and/or PLC systems 

  • Navigation systems 

  • Operation board 


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