26 inch HID Heavy Duty Cutter Suction Dredger Ship for Army Port Construction


Last year, we delivered 2 sets of 26-inch heavy-duty cutter suction dredgers to a UAE client for army port construction. Until now, they have been operating smoothly at the site for one year and will continue to work for another five years until the end of the project. Our clients are pleased with their performance.


The dredges were specifically designed and custom-built to clean up civilian and military offshore waterways and to build a large military port to meet the needs of moored destroyers and to address the UAE's concern that there was no large military port terminal.


dredging ship


The dredger was developed with innovative technology, according to the standards of the China ZC Classification Society. Built with CCSA steel plates, suitable for marine work. It has a length of 45.5 meters, is equipped with dual engines, has a total installed power of 2900KW, has a maximum dredging depth of 18 meters, and has a discharge distance of 2,000 meters. Fitted with an anchor boom, a spud carriage system..Ensuring that the dredgers can carry out their tasks effectively.

The hydraulic system of the dredger is from a top-brand Chinese factory to ensure the performance of the dredger.

heavy duty dredger


This is a great step forward in our ambition to build on our track record of designing and building world-class dredging vessels and equipment.


Due to the excessive number of coral reefs in the offshore areas of the UAE, which affect the berthing ports of large ships, a 700KW high-power cutter assembly was used to specifically target hard coral reefs;

Due to the strong winds and waves in the offshore area, a 2.7 m deep design and a side-hull slope were used to minimize the effect of the winds and waves on the dredger's work;

Such heavy-duty dredging equipment is stable in operation, reliable in performance and low in maintenance costs.The operation is very convenient, and the efficiency of the work is high.


 port construction dredger

We customize dredging equipment for your specific application and learn all the details of your project to find the most efficient and sustainable way forward.


We offer long-term support for any dredging operation, be it large or small. Through this successful partnership, we work closely with the regional markets in the UAE.We will continue to innovate dredging equipment to meet individual requirements and build close relationships.

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