Amphibious Dredger Clay Emperor under testing inside factory


"Clay Emperor" Amphibious Multipurpose Dredger is made to work on the soft foundation by HID - Shandong Haohai Dredging Equipment which has absorbed advanced dredging technology and worked in conjunction with China Nanjing Conservancy Science Research Institute. The dredger design has been protected by patent.

Clay Emperor includes a hull, the front leg, rear leg, operating room, function room, the front working arm, four-bar linkage, interchangeable working equipment, suction head, hydraulic system, electrical system, and walking system. It adopts a fully hydraulic control system making it convenient, flexible, and reliable. The walking system can be completed by separate open water pump-jet propulsion, be pulled by the winch wire rope, and be step moved by the rotary telescopic working device of the front leg. Amphibious Machine can achieve 5 different work applications, your true shallow water master. 


amphibious dredger

ABOUT HID - Shandong Haohai Haohai Dredging Equipment Co., Ltd

1. 30 years' dredger manufacture workmanship

2. Fortune 500 Company chosen supplier

3. Large production, ISO 9001 2015 quality system

4. 6 manufacture shops, R&D center, testing pool

5. Presences in 37 countries

6. 36 Product Patents 

7. 10 series of dredging equipment

8. Dredge building certificate, 36 patents

9. Enterprise credit rating AAA

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1. A wide range of use applications

2. High efficiency, large output, far pump distance, low fuel consumption

3. Full hydraulic control with Rexroth, Vickers 

4. Siemens PLC operation with the operation convenience

5. Engine choice from Weichai, Cummins, Caterpillar and more. 

6. Australia Technology Dredge Pump available 

7. The modular design enables fast assembly with HID senior engineers 

8. Dredger components available in factories to allow short delivery times 

9. Control the working process of dredging and pumping, delivering dredged materials. lower cost;

10. Follow manufacture guideline: CCS-ZC standard

11. CE certificates acquired to prove high quality 

12. Western Dredge brand parts, easy to find globally 

13. Can choose reliable Chinese brand parts to lower costs 

14. Gain access to our sales team, design team, manufacture team 24/7

15. Lifetime Technical Assistance

16. Optional equipment is available such as Spud carriage, anchor boom. 


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amphibious dredger

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