Cutter head changeable attachment for suction dredge equipment.


In dredging and pumping applications, sometimes you may encounter sediment that is hard and densely packed, making it difficult to pump. It is important to determine the best method to agitate the target material for optimal pumping and dredging.

HID provide changeable attachments to fitted to a number of our dredging and pumping equipment options.

The suction dredger can be equipped with cutter head and bucket wheel head for a wide dredging application.


cutter head


HID designed and built 8 inch changeable cutter head suction dredgers for Inner Mongolia clients, suitable for dredging not only sand, mud but also the sediment that is hard and densely packed.

One suction dredge machine with a replaceable cutter head, it is a cost -effective and successfully dredging solution for our clients’ special dredging needs.

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