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Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of China. Beginning in the Tang Dynasty, Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important festivals in China. To some extent, it is like Thanks Giving day in western countries. 

On this special day, people try their best to return home to gather with their family. They have the reunion dinner, eat moon cakes and appreciate the full moon together. The moon on this night is round and bright, symbolizing the family reunion. It is a day of pleasure and happiness.

HID Dredger

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Hid dredger company has prepared Mid-Autumn Festival benefits benefits for all employees. Including 1 cartons of white wine, a bag of flour and a bucket of cooking oil of per person.

At the same time, for the staff who are far away from home and cannot go home to reunite with their relatives to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, the company organized a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration event with beer and barbecue, so that the employees could feel the warmth of home.

Mid Autumn Festival

The Mid Autumn Festival is not only a holiday blessing for HID employees, but also thanks to all  HID people for their serious efforts and active maintenance of the company's work. In the coming days, all employees will devote themselves to their work with more enthusiasm and create more value for customers.

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