HID-CSD-7535 Cutter Suction Dredger Open Sea Dredging Operation For Hard Soil,Coral Reefs,Rocks Cutting


HID's new generation Cutter Suction Dredger CSD750(HID-CSD-7535Model) was sold to a Maldives customer, Maldives Transport & Contracting Company Plc.

HID provides a complete dredging package, which includes a set of dredge vessel, workboat, ship transportation, training of the crew on location as well as dredge spares to facilitate maintenance duties.


The powerful dredger was extensively inspected at the HID Shipyard by the owners’ representatives. After various tests on the systems, the technical acceptance was signed and the CSD750 was delivered to Maldives. The dredger was successfully launched and started working in February 2024.


The client, Maldives Transport & Contracting Company Plc(MTCC)which is currently the longest-serving public company in the Maldives. offers a diverse range of services such as construction and project management services, logistical operations, modern transport services, engineering, and docking services. They deployed this CSD750 cutter suction dredger, which is the largest CSD in the HID Shipyard cutter suction dredger series, at a port expansion project. Its main activity will be performing dredging operations on channel dredging, port development, and expansion in the Maldives.


The dredger can work in water depths up to -22 m. Incorporates a submerged dredge pump, which works in series with the inboard dredge pump. In total 4612 kW of installed power ensures an impressive discharge distance and dredge production of 7,000 m3/h on average.


Flow capacity7000m3/h

Dredging depth22munderwater

Discharge distance: 3000m

Main engine: CUMMINS 1864kw UK

Cutter power:700kw

Pump quantity:2 units

Dredging Material: Hard SoilCoral ReefsRocks


The distinctive CSD750 is a brand-new type of dismountable dredger, The dredger has a cutter power of 700 kW, is more productive, more efficient, more sustainable, and safer for open sea operations, specifically for cutting hard soils, coral reefs, and rocks.


“We are honored to have been chosen to deliver the first-ever CSD750 to MTCC,” Ms Bella, HID Global Sales Director of HID Dredging Equipment..“We feel that this brand-new CSD750 design fits our client's operation perfectly. This is not the first time that hid has exported dredger to the Maldives. As early as 2014, we successfully provided  HIDCSD5522 model dredger to Maldivian for land reclamation airport construction project. we look forward to establishing cooperative relationships with more Maldives customers to expand their business

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