HID Overcomes Challenges to Deliver Deck Barge on a Snowy Day


On a winter snowy day, HID showcased its unwavering commitment to project delivery by navigating through the challenges of a snowy day to successfully transport disassembly parts of a large platform, and marine deck barge to ship the delivery seaport.


deck barge

As the snowflakes gracefully descended, creating a picturesque scene, the HID team was hard at work ensuring that adverse weather conditions did not hinder the delivery of the deck barge. The snowy day presented a unique set of challenges, from icy roads to reduced visibility, but the dedication and professionalism of the HID workforce prevailed.


This heavy-duty floating pontoon was built by HID, for Senegal Client.

This achievement follows extensive months of negotiations, during which HID demonstrated its profound industry knowledge, skills, and a portfolio of numerous successful projects. From in-depth discussions on project intricacies to the unwavering commitment to pre-and post-sales service agreements, HID's professionalism played a pivotal role in securing the client's order contract.


 steel pontoon

As the deck barge reaches its destination, HID will reaffirm its steadfast commitment to fulfilling after-sales promises. This commitment is aimed at ensuring that the barge provided by HID maximizes project benefits and returns for our valued clients.

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