HID Successful Launch of Large Capacity Heavy-Duty Cutter Suction Dredger CSD750


After weeks of meticulous assembly and tireless dedication, HID, a leading name in dredging technology, proudly launched a large-capacity heavy-duty cutter suction dredger CSD750 at clients' working sites.


cutter suction dredger

The dredger, engineered with precision, is capable of dredging depths up to -22 meters, boasting an impressive 700KW cutter power. Tailored for cutting through challenging terrains such as hard soils, coral reefs, and rocks, the vessel's design is a result of thorough site inspections conducted by HID's working team. Equipped with double marine dredging pumps, ensure the dredging capacity of 7000m3/h.


The weeks leading up to the launch were marked by intense activity at job sites where skilled engineers and technicians together with HID after-sales engineers worked tirelessly to ensure the flawless assembly of the dredger. The meticulous attention to detail and dedication to quality assurance have resulted in a dredging vessel that meets the highest standards of performance and efficiency.


The Large Heavy Duty Cutter Suction Dredger boasts the latest advanced dredging technology, with a focus on enhancing dredging capabilities for various applications, including port development, maintenance dredging, and land reclamation projects. Its patented cutter suction mechanism allows for efficient excavation of seabed materials, ensuring increased productivity and reduced operational costs.



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As the dredger glided into the water amidst cheers and applause, it marked the beginning of more productive, more efficient, more sustainable dredging performance.


The Large Heavy Duty Cutter Suction Dredger is now poised for its maiden mission, ready to showcase its capabilities in real-world applications. HID, steadfast in its commitment to innovation, looks forward to pushing the boundaries of the dredging industry, setting the stage for more groundbreaking achievements in the future.

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