New-building Amphibious Multipurpose Dredger Machine“Clay Emperor”Ready For Delivery


Today, at HID shipyard, a new building Amphibious Multipurpose Dredger completed full around testing in house. Now it is ready for delivery in HID’s workshop.

amphibious dredger


The dredger is HID’s patented product with many improved designs based on advanced technology.

One machine all applications with higher efficiency and reliability. Can achieve 5 different work applications such as cutter dredging, pilling, backhoe dredging, wee raking and more.

The amphibious dredger machine is self-propelled, equipped with Cummins Engine, German Rexroth hydraulic pump. Independently walk in and out the water, no crane needed.

amphibious machine

HID Amphibious machine is for shallow water dredging with flow of 600m3/h, discharge 1.5KM, and dredging depth of maximum 6.5 meters.


It is fully amphibious in all work modes, capable of operating in water, wetlands and on dry ground – able to reach and work at the most challenging sites. The amphibious multipurpose dredger reduces investment, operational and maintenance costs since one machine does the work of many separate machines.


multipurpose dredger


After the dredger arrived at site work, our after service team will provide professional assembly, training, operating, and lifetime technical assistance to make sure this dredger put into operation smoothly.

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