High Powered 650 HID-CSD-7525 Sea Hard Soil / Gravel Dredging in UAE

This set of large capacity CSD will be used for hard materials dredging such as harsh sand, gravels, in Abu Dhabi, The cutter head power is 700KW. Equipped with DGPS system to monitor and prospect the underwater dredging areas.

cutter suction dredgerrr 

The maximum navigation area of this dredger is near sea navigation area, which is used for dredging and reclamation of cosatal, port, and inland waters, navigation and water conservancy engineering construction as well as dredging of lakes. 


- Discharge distance: 3000M

- Flow capacity: 7000m3/h 

- Discharge diameter: 730mm

- Main engine: 2900KW MWM 

- Hydraulic system: Dension (Parker) / Vickers 

- Operation system: PLC siemens

- Dredging materials: Hard soil Gravels Coral reefs 

The dredger developed with innovative technology, according to the standard of China ZC classification society. Manufactured with the best materials in the market and come out of the hands of our experienced welders which they equipped with CCS welding certificate. Constructed with CCSA steel plate, equipped with dual engine, total installed power of 1976KW. Fitted out with anchor boom, spuds carriage ssystem, ensure the dredger can carry out its tasks effectively. 

dredger machine

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